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What do our members say?

" I used to think I'd never be able to sing! I always wanted to, but I hardly sang even when on my own. I eventually plucked up the courage to join a singing workshop in 2012.  That beginners' workshop was the very first session of Come and Sing. Ever since I have been an inseparable member of Jude’s rock and pop choir.

Jude is a wonderful teacher, an accomplished musician and a great singer.  She brings enthusiasm, fun and quality music to the group, which she runs with endless patience.  Almost all arrangements are suggested and voted for by our members. Although Jude always encourages us to challenge ourselves and push our limits, she always considers our capabilities and if needed, alters the arrangements to suit various abilities and range of voices.

I do not read music.  But I feel much more comfortable and confident singing now - even in public!  And I certainly do sing to myself, quite frequently!!"

"Maria is a great teacher and singer. Always ready to take up the next challenge, she breaks down songs from Gaelic and other languages into manageable and readable parts, using her 'Geordie' phonetics. By the end of her session you find yourself singing comfortably in a language you didn’t know an hour ago!  She is also a great songwriter, and - with your consent – you might well feature in one of her songs!"

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